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New York Susquehanna & Western to Use $900,000 for New Rail Terminal

January 9th, 2013

The Central New York Regional Economic Development Council announced that New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Corp. has received contract approval for more than $900,000 in funding to build a multimodal rail terminal in Cortland.

The funding is from New York State Department of Transportation, as part of the Regional Council initiative.

The Cortland Transload Terminal Improvement project will build a rail terminal to allow short-haul trucks to load and unload railcars directly. It will include the construction of three siding tracks south of NYS&W’s Cortland spur line, as well as the infrastructure required to enable containers to be transferred between rail cars and trucks.

The new facility will be built near Pendleton Road, in the southern portion of the City of Cortland.

“The Cortland Transload Terminal will enable Central New York region businesses to address the cost of shipping by taking advantage of the efficiencies of rail transportation without having to be located next to the railroad,” said Nathan R. Fenno, NYS&W’s president, in a written statement.

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