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About Us

RailResource.com’s mission is to be a one-stop information source that keeps the industry current and connected. If it’s on the minds of rail professionals, it’s on RailResource.com.

RailResource.com was created by the publishers of The Pocket List of Railroad Officials to give large and small railroads, suppliers, contractors and other industry participants an online source for critical contact and product information. Designed by seasoned executives in railroad publishing, the site features news, blogs from industry experts, railroad and supplier contact information, and a user-friendly buyer’s guide, with a request-for-quote tool for rail purchasing officials.

Data on RailResource.com is sourced from The Pocket List of Railroad Officials. Founded in 1895, The Pocket List is a quarterly publication, available in both print and digital formats. Each issue of The Pocket List contains the most up-to-date contact information available for freight railroads in North America, with special emphasis placed on the latest mergers and the newest short lines. Each issue also features invaluable information on leading industry suppliers, with details on the types of products and services they offer.

In addition to The Pocket List, the RailResource Group publishes The Official Railway Guide and The Official Railway Equipment Register. The group also sells and manages the rail trade exhibition at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association Annual Convention.

RailResource is published by JOC Group Inc., which was acquired by IHS Inc. in December 2014. JOC Group Inc. is the authoritative provider of business intelligence, data and events for trade, transportation and logistics professionals worldwide. Through its PIERS database and authoritative JOC coverage of transportation online and in print, the JOC Group Inc. provides customers with critical insights and workflow tools to compete effectively in the global marketplace. JOC Group Inc. is headquartered in Newark, NJ.